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Mathematical Aspects of Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics

This module will be taught entirely in English. There are 4 hours of lectures per week

Wednesdays 11-13:00 in NC 06/99
Thursdays 11-13:00 in NB 06/99

First lecture Wednesday 15 October, 2015.

The exercise classes will be held by Hai Van Nguyen. These will take place during lecture times typically every third week.

Further information and updates during the course will be posted on Blackboard.

Course Description
Linear algebra: Basic concepts and techniques for finite- and Infinite-dimensional function spaces stressing the role of linear differential operators. Numerical algorithms for solving linear systems. The mathematics of the finite element method in the context of elliptic partial differential equations (model problems) in dimension two.

Proofs of academic achievement
Written Examination.