Faculty of Mathematics
Ruhr-University Bochum
Universitätsstraße 150
44780 Bochum

Mail: hans.franzen@rub.de
Room: NA 2/75
Tel.: +49 (0)234 32-23243

I am currently serving as a deputy professor at the University of Bonn. For further information please visit my website at Bonn.


Publications and Preprints

  • jt. w/ Giovanni Cerulli Irelli, Francesco Esposito, and Markus Reineke: Cell decompositions and algebraicity of cohomology for quiver Grassmannians. Preprint 2018. arxiv:1804.07736
  • jt. w/ Markus Reineke: Cohomology Rings of Moduli of Point Configurations on the Projective Line. Preprint 2016. To appear in Proc. AMS arxiv:1611.01092
  • jt. w/ Thorsten Weist: The Value of the Kac Polynomial at One. Preprint 2016. To appear in Quart. J. Math. arxiv:1608.03419
  • jt. w/ Matthew B. Young: Cohomological orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariants as Chow groups. Preprint 2016. To appear in Selecta Math. arxiv:1605.06596
  • jt. w/ Markus Reineke: Semi-Stable Chow-Hall Algebras of Quivers and Quantized Donaldson-Thomas Invariants. Preprint 2015. To appear in Algebra & Number Th. arxiv:1512.03748
  • jt. w/ Thorsten Weist: Non-Schurian indecomposables via intersection theory. Preprint 2015. arxiv:1508.04643
  • On the Semi-Stable CoHa and its Modules Arising from Smooth Models. Preprint 2015. To appear in J. Algebra arxiv:1502.04327
  • Cohomology of Non-Commutative Hilbert Schemes as CoHa-Modules. OWR Interactions between Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Algebra.
  • On Chow Rings of Fine Quiver Moduli and Modules over the Cohomological Hall Algebra. Dissertation 2014. Link
  • On Cohomology Rings of Non-Commutative Hilbert Schemes and CoHa-Modules. Math. Res. Lett. or arxiv:1312.1499
  • Chow Rings of Fine Quiver Moduli are Tautologically Presented. Math. Z. or arxiv:1307.3066