Electrochemical Robotics

Electrochemical robotic systems using standard microtiter plates allow to perform electrochemical synthesis and measurements compatible with established high-throughput technologies (24, 96, 384 well) The positioning of the miniaturized electrode bundles in the wells of a microtiter plate is performed with the help of stepmotor driven positioning stages in combination with a flexible software. A specifically developed and eay-to-use script language permits the user to perform very complex experimental sequences in the different wells of the microtiter plate, automatically. Additional features such as supply of chemicals via suitable pumps, control of the temperature within the wells, integration of a microtiter plate shaker, work under inert-gas atmosphere, in aqueous and organic solvents are implemented. There are 4 electrochemical robotic systems available at the moment adressing the fields of biosensor optimization, corrosion research and transmitter
release of cells