Since October 2011 there are no tution fees anymore. Students only have to pay the social contribution each semester.

Social Contribution

Students must meet the regular social contribution for the Ruhr University Bochum. This fee is around EUR 312 for each semester of study (current amount and further information). The "Semester Ticket" (NRW Ticket) included in this contribution allowes every student to use the regional public transport (bus and train) in North-Rhine Westphalia free of charge. Additionally, with this fee you will contribute to service features of the Studierendenwerk (student union).

Total Costs

In total, you have to pay fees (social contribution) in the amount of about EUR 310 each semester of your ECUE programme. Costs of living amounts to approximately EUR 600 each month. Consequently, the total costs of a ECUE programme (fees, regularly four semesters) are approximately EUR 1,240. The study trip to Brussels costs approximately EUR 150 and the costs of living around EUR 14,400.