Career Day 2018

Every year ECUE organizes a Career Day in the so called EuroEck. This year we had 17 alumni visiting us. Our alumni come from different companies and institutions like ThyssenKrupp, Telekom, the European Parliament as well as PhD students from different universities.

After a short panel discussion, in which our students where able to meet our alumni, who also had a discussion about their present job in connection to their past studies, we had several groups to introduce the format of speed dating. Here our students received general tipps for an application, assessment center or as well as pursuing a career in an university.

Inbetween the working phaes we had cake and coffee at our buffet that was prepared by our student's association.

RUB summer festival 2018

Every year our univesity organises a big campus festival where different student assosiation's have stands. This year our ECUE-association offered tasty cocktails with the concept of the "empty glass crisis" and drinks like the "brex on the beach". With our europe-quiz visitors could test their knowledge and receive different gifts like for example a map of europe.

The festival was a big success, so that our cocktails were sold out before the big firework. Our study efforts in economics finally paid off! 

left: ECUE-students Christoph Schwarzfischer and Ilka LöfflerCampusfest Merch18Campusfest Feuerwerk18