EU Energy and Climate Policy in the center of the EU - ECUE-Brussels study trip in January 2017

Students from the 17th ECUE-year visited the capital of the European Union from January 23rd to January 28th, 2017. The study trip is an obligatory part of the Master's study and is integrated in a seminar concerning research methods. The ECUE-students dealt with the empirical analysis of EU policies beforehand. On the basis of an EU-directive with the focus on energy and climate policy the students reconstructed a policy cycle in the European Union. Furthermore the students learnt how to identify the different positions of various actors in the legislative process in the seminar.

ECUE visited different actors in Brussels. Visits at European institutions (Parliament, Council, Commission) were on the agenda as well as visits at various NGOs (WWF, Carbon Market Watch), Think Tanks/ Foundations (EPC, European Climate Foundation, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation) and other interest groups (BDI, BEUC, Eurelectirc, WindEurope. The study trip in Brussels gives the opportunity to meet the actors live - those who experience the politics in Brussels and within the European Union every day. The students could meet Claude Turmes from The Greens/Free European Alliance in the European Parliament, Maurizio Di Lullo from the Council of the European Union, Adam White from WWF, Antje Fiehn from the Federation of German Industries, Femek de Jong from Carbon Market Watch or Stefanie Hiesinger from the European Commission.

The different actors and the specific topic of the study trip gave the possibility to get comprehensive insights into the current developments concerning the energy and climate policy. 

Rat Gruppenfoto  Meeting Bdi

Brussels, January 2017: Council of the European Union                                 Brussels, January 2017: BDI (Federation of German Industries)

Ec Gruppenfoto  Ep Gruppenfoto

Brussels, 2017: European Commission                                                                       Brussels, January 2017: European Parliament

ECUE Christmas Party 2016

On December 9, 2016 the ECUE Christmas Party took place at the "Euro-Eck" in Bochum. Baking Christmas cookies, the "Schrottwichteln", where you bring something old/crappy/ugly, wrap it as a gift and play Secret Santa and the "ECUE-Christmas-Edition" of the game "Activity" were on the agenda. 

Preparations for baking Christmas cookies

2016 Weihnachtsfeier


2016 Weihnachtsfeier Ii

One of the ECUE-presents

2016 Weihnachtsfeier I


The ECUE-Team wishes Happy Holidays 2016 and a Happy New Year 2017!

ECUE-Running Dinner 2016

The Running Dinner is a ECUE-tradition which is yearly organized by the Student's Council of ECUE. ECUE-students of the 17th class visited the cooking groups consisting of fellow students of the 17th and 18th class. Delicacies were served in the kitchens which were across the city of Bochum.

Starter: Homemade pumpkin soup

Running Dinner 2016 I


Main dish: Cannelloni with herb stuffing

Running Dinner Ii


Dessert: Apple-Strawberry-Crumble

Running Dinner 2016 Iii


Trip to the Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn in December 2016

Christopher Hols, ECUE Alumni ECUE of the class 10 and currently working at the EAN (European Aviation Network) from the Deutsche Telekom AG invited current ECUE students for a Career and Information Day in the city of Bonn. The students could get information about career chances, traineeship possibilities and the EAN. Additionally the students got the opportunity to look behind the scenes and visit the Master Service Management Center (MSCM), which is the main control center of the mobile network or also called "the heart of the Deutsche Telekom AG".

Christopher Hols (ECUE-class 10) invited current ECUE-students to visit the Deutsche Telekom in Bonn.

Bonn Exkursion 2016

Behind the scenes: ECUE students were able to see the "heart of the Deutsche Telekom AG", the MSCM

Bonn-exkursion 2016 Ii



We heartily congratulate our graduates of the year 2016!

The master study program European Culture and Economy celebrated its fourteenth graduation ceremony on November 12, 2016. The graduates received their Master’s certificate and thereby officially completed their studies in the presence of their family, friends, alumni and students. The graduates and the audience enjoyed speeches by the program director Prof. Dr. Rainer Eising, the program coordinator Marcus Reinecke, as well as by three of this year’s graduates Natalie Brüne, Christina Menges and Sebastian Hetheier.

Ecue 2016 Abschlussrede2

Natalie Brüne, Sebastian Hetheier and Christina Menges summarized their experiences with ECUE.

In his speech Prof. Dr. Eising honoured the students for their performances in the course of their studies. They emphasized the numerous interesting and demanding topics of master themes, the challenge of interdisciplinary, as well as the international background as the most important components of the study program. Prof. Dr. Eising proudly announced the high overall number of graduates and their success on the labor market.

Ecue 2016 Musik3

Jessica Büttner (18th ECUE class) and David Alders (16th ECUE class) presented a song by Bob Dylan.

Two ECUE-students provided the musical accompaniment: David Alders (vocals and guitar) and Jessica Büttner (vocals). The studies program ECUE would like to thank the musicians for their entertaining and great performance!

Following the formal program, our graduates celebrated together with their families, alumni and students at a champagne reception.


Ecue 2016 Gruppe

Marcus Reinecke, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schirm, Prof. Dr. Rainer Eising and the ECUE Graduates of 2016

ECUE Career Day 2016

The Masters’ Degree program ECUE is constantly trying to keep alive the connection between students and alumni. Pursuing this goal, the program coordinator Marcus Reinecke organized the ECUE Career Day 2016 along with the Student Council of ECUE. 14 ECUE Alumni from various professional fields met with students from the 16th and 17th ECUE classes on June 4, 2016. The already successfully working Alumni encouraged them with their experience, knowledge and advices and underlined that the ECUE graduation is a good starting position on the international labor market. This exchange of experiences was positively appreciated not only by the students, who were able to form an idea for the future, but also by the alumni, who remembered their master studying and were able to help the next generations.

We would like to thank everyone who participated on this event!

Cafe Lounge 3

ECUE Alumni and students got the possibility to exchange their experiences.

Cafe Lounge 1

ECUE Alumni and students enjoyed the International Buffet

Cafe Lounge 4

Students of the 16th and 17th class met ECUE Alumni