Master's Thesis

Following the regular study schedule the fourth semester is reserved for writing your master’s thesis, which is an independently written, scientific research paper in the area of economics. Please note, that you may write your master's thesis once you have successfully completed 60 ECTS (including 30 ECTS of the core modules) in coursework. Therefore, you may also chose to write your thesis in your third semester and complete the rest of your required coursework in your fourth semester. 

Students earn 30 ECTS for the thesis and have 14 - 20 weeks (depending on methodology and supervisor) to complete it. After successfully completing and handing in your master’s thesis, you need to defend it in front of your thesis advisors. You may request any of the professors teaching at the Department of Economics to be your thesis supervisor, however, keep in mind that most professors will not supervise your master’s thesis unless you have successfully completed one of their seminars first. Please refer to the module description “Master’s Thesis” in the Student Handbook and the applying paragraph in the Examination Regulations (