In order to apply for the MSc in Economics program, you need to follow two steps: 

1) Apply online through Ruhr-University Bochum’s online application system. 

2) After applying online send all required documents by post to Ruhr-University Bochum’s admission office. 

Application deadlines 

July 15th for the winter semester starting October 1st 

January 15th for the summer semester starting April 1st 

RUB’s online application system can be accessed HERE. The online application system is activated in late May for applications to the winter semester and in late November for applications to the summer semester. 

It is not possible to submit applications before the online application system opens. Applications by Email are not accepted! 

Application Process 

After applying online you will receive an Email with a PDF-attachment named “online application check sheet” (“Kontrollblatt”). The check sheet will show your application number, further instructions on how to proceed and a list of all required documents that you need to send through the post to RUB’s admission office (The address will be printed on the sheet). 

All required documents need to arrive at the admission office (“Zulassungsstelle”) no later than July 15th/ January 15th, if you wish to start the following winter/ summer semester. Please send your application documents directly to RUB’s admission office (not to the Master in Economics Coordination Office!), and only after you have applied online and obtained an online application number. (Sending documents to the admission office without applying online first makes your application invalid!) 

Required Application Documents 

  1. A certified copy of your original bachelor’s degree. 
  2. A certified copy of your bachelor’s degree translated by a certified translator into German or English, if the original is not in one of the two languages. 
  3. A certified copy of your transcript of records covering all courses, grades and credit points obtained including an average grade of all obtained courses. (If your transcript does not show ECTS credits or no credits at all, your workload will be converted to ECTS credits accordingly). 
  4. Evidence of English language proficiency (see Admission Requirements ). 
  5. The original APS certificate (relevant for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam only). This is to determine the equivalence of entrance qualifications. RUB only accepts applications from these countries if they are accompanied by this certificate of authenticity. 

In addition, it is desirable (but not compulsory) that you submit: 

  1. A curriculum vitae (CV). (Your CV should include your personal details and list your previous education and relevant work experience.) 
  2. A letter of motivation in English. (Please supply a letter, 1 page in length, stating your reasons for applying to the program and why you should be admitted.) 

After you have mailed your application documents, you can track the receipt and progress of your application in your online application account

International applicants (from outside the EU without a German bachelor’s degree)
If you need a visa for your studies in Germany, you must supply ALL required documents by the application deadline (July 15th/ January 15th). Applications received after the deadline will be rejected.
German and European Union applicants
If you have not received your bachelor’s degree certificate by July 15th/ January 15th, or you are still studying in your final semester by July 15th/ January 15th, you may still apply and submit your application without your degree certificates by July 15th/ January 15th. Eligibility for the program will be based on your most current transcript of records. Please note that your transcript needs to show an average grade of all obtained courses and that at least 150 of 180 ECTS need to be successfully completed when you apply. Provided that the credits on your transcript fulfill the admission requirements regarding prior coursework, you fulfill the language requirements and your average grade of your preliminary transcript of records fulfills the required grade (‘Numerus Clausus’), you will receive an admission letter conditional upon providing your bachelor’s degree certificate by RUB’s enrolment period (shortly before the start of a semester). In any case, you must have completed your studies and received your final degree/diploma by the time of RUB enrolment, otherwise you must not enroll and your admission letter becomes void.

There is no option of late submission. Applications received after application deadline will be rejected. If you miss more documents than your bachelor’s degree certificate or if you need credit points from your final semester to fulfill our admission requirements and cannot meet the application deadline (July 15th/ January 15th), you need to wait until the next application period.

Admission Notification 

After the application deadline all applications with submitted documents will be reviewed to determine whether the admission requirements are met. Admission notifications will be sent out by early to mid-August for the winter semester program and by early to mid-February for the summer semester program. German/EU applicants who are not able to supply their final degree certificates by the application deadline are admitted conditional upon providing their certificate by the time of enrolment (international students from outside the European Union have to supply all documents by July 15th/ January 15th!).  

You can download your admission letter from your online application account (admission letters are only available for download and not mailed through the post!). The time and place of the official registration/ enrolment period, as well as the documents required to enroll, will be announced on your admission letter. If you are an international student, you will also need to take care of certain formalities, such as health care, visa and proof of finances. 

Please note that before enrolment all students have to obtain a confirmation letter from the Master Coordination Office stating that they have attended mandatory counseling (“Obligatorisches Beratungsgespräch”). Students can receive mandatory counseling on certain days during the enrolment period. The exact dates will be announced on our website and on your admission letters. 

Due to university regulations and the time needed to process all applications, it is not possible to receive your admission letter before the application deadline. We are aware that some international students need to apply for their visas early and therefore wish to obtain their admission notifications earlier. However, this is not possible, as it would violate university regulations. We would like to ask all applicants for patience and to please refrain from asking for special treatment.