External Collaborations

State Conference of Equal Opportunity Officers from Higher Education Institutions and University Hospitals of North Rhine-Westphalia

 (Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten der Hochschulen und Universitätsklinika des Landes NRW – Lakof NRW)

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Since October 2011, Lakof NRW speaker Dr Beate von Miquel has served as the Senior Equal Opportunity Officer.

Federal Conference of Women’s Representatives and Equal Opportunity Officers from Higher Education Institutions

(Bundeskonferenz der Frauenbeauftragten und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Hochschulen – Bukof)

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Since September 2011, Silvia Markard, member of the Bukof commission “Female Staff in Technology and Administration”, has served as Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer.


Internal Collaborations

The Equal Opportunity Officer works in partnership with numerous university bodies, including:

  • Rectorate
  • Senate
  • University Council
  • Equality Commission
  • General Meeting of Departmental Equal Opportunity Officers
  • University Commission for Teaching, Further Education, and Media
  • University Commission for Planning, Structure, and Finances
  • Executive Board Gender Studies
  • Conference of the Fakulties
  • General Students' Committee
  • Staff Councils
  • Department 1: University Governance, Internal Affairs, Structure, and Planning
  • Department 2: Student Services and International Office
  • Department 3: Human Resources
  • RUB's Professional Development Office
  • Rectorate's Task Force Organisation – Development – Guidance
  • Constitutional Committee
  • Working Group “Equality at Work”
  • Steering Group “Health”
  • Project Group “Family-Friendly University”