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Raman spectrometer

Horiba Scientific Modular iHR Spectrometer

The Raman spectrometer is equipped with two fibre optic probes so-called "superhead" which allow a flexible and remote raman analysis measurements. Currently two wavelength 532 nm und 661 nm are available.



Surface plasmon-Resonance (SPR)

Autolab Twingle SPR

Dual channel instrument with standard and electrochemical cuvette for in-situ measurements during electrochemical processes

Wave length: 670 nm, sample volume: 20-150 µl, refractive indices: 1.26 to 1.38 



Agilent Cary 60

Single beam instrument equipped with fiber-optics capabilities for remote sampling

Wave length: 190 nm - 1100 nm, Scan rate: 24000 nm/min