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Laboratory for Scanning Microscopy

Electron microscope

FEI ESEM Dual Beam™ Quanta 3D FEG

With the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope not only SEM-studies with conductive samples under high vacuum conditions may be performed. Moreover, investigations of non-conductive or wet samples are possible using the low-vacuum or ESEM-mode. The instrument is equipped with different detectors monitoring secondary electrons as well as backscattered ones.

Different sample holders and stages including a Peltier stage (-5°C bis 30°C) and a high temperature stage (30°C bis 1000°C) are available.

In addition the instrument is equipped with a gas injection system for Pt-deposition and an EDX-system (EDAX Genesis XM2i).





JPK NanoWizard® II

Tip scanning AFM head with a scan range of 100x100 µm which operates in contact, non-contact, intermittent-contact, lateralforce and other AFM modes like phase imaging, MFM, force/distance spectroscopy, force mapping manipulation/lithography. The instrument is equipped with top-view optics and a heating-cooling-stage including an electrochemical cell of a volume of 70 µl.


Scanning Electrochemical Microscope

Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) in various modii


SECM as well as AFM can be performed under ambient and under inert conditions using a glovebox.