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Molecular nanostructures


Group Leader: Dr. Nicolas Plumere mail

Fakultät für Chemie und Biochemie
Universitätsstr. 150 NC 4/67
D-44780 Bochum
Tel: +49 - 234 - 3229434
Fax: +49 - 234 - 3214420


Group Nicolas



12.2016 – News and Views article in Nature Chemical Biology.
“Photosynthesis: Short circuit at the chlorophyll”
10.2016 – Frank and Huaiguang successfully defend their PhD thesis !
09.2016 – Workshop on redox active films for energy conversion.
08.2016 – ERC Starting Grant.
08.2016 – Workshop on Biohybrid solar cells .
07.2016 – Darren wins the poster price of Symposium 17 “Attention: Theory Only” at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in den Haag.
“Electroanalytical Methods and Simulation for the Determination of Redox Film Thickness in the Solvated State” (RESOLV funded Project).
07.2016 – Paper on Photosystem 2 in redox hydrogel accepted in Energy and Environmental Sciences (Front inside cover).
A cooperation with Wolfgang Schuhmann and Matthias Rögner within the excellence cluster RESOLV and with Erwin Reisner, University of Cambridge.
07.2016 – Leonardo starts his PhD in the frame of our new project on bioelectrocatalysis in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Straubing.
11.2015 – Start of the ANR-DFG Project with Christophe Léger, CNRS, Marseille, France.
06.2015 – Paper on H2/O2 Biofuel cells based on FeFe Hydrogenase in redox hydrogel accepted in Angewandte Chemie.
A cooperation with Wolfgang Schuhmann, Thomas Happe and Wolfgang Lubitz within the excellence cluster RESOLV.
04.2015 – Paper on modelling of the protection mechanism in redox hydrogel accepted in JACS.
A cooperation with Christophe Léger, Wolfgang Schuhmann and Wolfgang Lubitz within the excellence cluster RESOLV.
07.2014 – Paper on biofuel cells in the latest issue of Nature chemistry.
A cooperation with Wolfgang Schuhmann and Wolfgang Lubitz within the cluster of excellence RESOLV.
News article:
06.2014 – Paper on optimized biophotovoltaics accepted as VIP in Chemistry - an European Journal.
A cooperation with Matthias Rögner and Wolfgang Schuhmann within the cluster of excellence RESOLV.
News article:
10.2013 – Biophotovoltaics paper published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
A cooperation with Matthias Rögner and Wolfgang Schuhmann within the framework of Resolv.
04.2013 – Special issue “Bioelectroanalysis” in “Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry” is online.
Guest editors: Nicolas Plumeré, Magdalena Gebala, and Wolfgang Schuhmann
03.2013 – Poster price for Frank Müller at the 12th topical meeting of the international society for electrochemisty
"Double intrachain histidine-tag for isotropic self-assembly of redox enzyme on electrode surfaces"
01.2013 – Project within the excellence cluster Resolv approved
"Role of the solvent channel in the control of catalytic center solvation in Photosystem 2.2
A cooperation with Matthias Rögner and Marc Nowaczyk
12.2012 – Project funded by the Ruhr University Bochum
"Bio-Photovoltaik: Flexibel leitfähige Grenzschichten zur großflächigen elektrischen Kontaktierung von Lichtsammelproteinen"
10.2012 – News and Views article in Nature Nanotechnolgy.
"Single molecules: A protein in the spotlight"
10.2012 – Huaiguang Li has been awarded a scholarship from the chinese scholarship council to pursue his study as a PhD student in our group.
06.2012 – Results from our cooperation with TU Dresden are accepted in ACS Nano.
‘‘Oxygen scavenging in single molecule experiments‘‘.
04.2012 –Trend report 2012 in “Nachrichten aus der Chemie“ published.
‘‘Elektrochemische Analytik‘‘.
SS 2012 –  Lecture on “Advanced Electrochemical Methods II“
Contact Nicolas Plumeré for more information.
01.2012 – Results of Jörg ’s work are published in Analytical Chemistry
11.2011 – COST Action TD1102 is granted
‘‘Photosynthetic proteins for technological applications: biosensors and biochips (PHOTOTECH)’’. Nicolas Plumeré becomes the German status delegate.
11.2011 –
Jörg accepts a position at BASF Basel as a Teamleader in analytical chemistry.

We wish him all the best with his career.
01.09 - 04.09.2011 –
2nd workshop “Electrochemistry meets Organometallics”

in Oberjoch (Germany), organized by Bernd Speiser, Hermann Mayer and Nicolas Plumeré.
WS 2011-2012 –  Lecture on “Advanced Electrochemical Methods I“
The lecture will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 10.15 in seminar room
NC 4/74.
17.07.2010 – Jörg Henig wins Promotionspreis
In recognition of his outstanding dissertation Jörg Henig has received the Promotionspreis 2010 of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.
01.03.2010 – Nicolas Plumeré takes up work
Nicolas Plumeré starts his work as a CES young research group leader.