FAQ Infopoints/Receptions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding formalities, contact points and services at RUB are answered here. Click on the question to read the answer.

Formalities + contact points

My student ID is defect/lost. What can I do?

If you have lost your ID on the campus, please contact the Registrar's Office, because this is where all found student IDs are handed in. If it isn't there, you will have to transfer 15.00 € for a replacement ID to the following account:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
IBAN: DE47430500010001495860
Reference: your name and your student number (Matrikelnummer)

By presenting an account statement or a screenshot showing that the money has been debited, you can pick up your new student ID at the Registrar's Office. Please bring a passport photo and your ID card or passport.

Where do I pick up a copy of my educational progress/my study record and where can I have it certified?

We can print out a copy of your educational progress or the study record at Infopoint UV. Certifications are carried out only by the Registrar's Office, which can also provide the print-out.

Where do I re-register for the new semester?

The re-registering process is fully automated and is completed once your semester fee is credited to the university's account. If you have opted for direct debiting, you don't have to do anything: you will be automatically re-registered at the beginning of each semester; the fee is debited on 01.09. for the winter semester and on 01.03. for the summer semester.

If you wish to transfer the semester fee, you can find your personal transfer information here. The transfer deadlines are listed here.

To which account and by which deadline do I have to pay the social fee? Is the late fee of 10.00 € payable to the same account as the social fee?

You can find your personal transfer information here. If you have to pay a late fee, it is payable to a different account. You will therefore have to make two transfers.

How and where do I exmatriculate?

Prior to your exmatriculation, it is important that you have

  • completed all courses and compiled them in modules (including handing in your final thesis)
  • returned all books to the library and paid any fees, if necessary
  • printed out the Transcript of Records.
Then, you can present your student ID at the Registrar's Office and apply for exmatriculation. Detailed information is available here.

Where can I apply for a staff ID?

You will receive the application for a staff ID (staff RUBCard) on employment. In addition, the online application is available here. Once your ID is completed, you will receive an email and will be able to pick it up at Infopoint UV.

I have lost something. Where can I inquire if it has been found? Where do I find the lost-property office?

The lost-property office is at Infopoint UV. You can also inquire by phone under the number 0234 32-23456 or by email at wiederfinden@rub.de.

Technical questions

I've forgotten my PIN. What can I do?

You can reset your PIN by entering your PUK number in RUBICon. That number is listed in the info sheet with your data that you have received on matriculation (the PIN is listed on the same sheet). If you can't find it, you will be given a new PIN and PUK number at the Registrar's Office.

Where can I use the FlexNow application?

FlexNow workstations are available here:

  • CIP pool Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IC 03/724-742, 8 stations
  • CIP pool Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IC 03/137, 12 stations
  • CIP pool Mechanical Engineering IC 03/150-166
  • CIP pool Electrical and Information Engineering IC 03/257, 50 stations
  • CIP pool Electrical and Information Engineering ID, 160 stations
  • CIP pool Faculty of Economics GC 3/33-39
Where do I find "RUBICon" software?

The software is available for download at the RUB website. The download link is here.

Where can I buy a copy card resp. top up my credit?

The printing centre's Copycenter is located in the SSC building on level 01.

Where can I buy a chip card reader?

Chip card readers are available at Infopoint UV. They are sold at 20.00 € each (debit cards accepted) and have a warranty of two years if you keep the receipt.


What do I need to use public transport?

The most important item is the NRW-Ticket. You can print it out via RUBICon or via eCampus. It is valid only together with a photo ID (Personalausweis or international equivalent, driving licence etc.). Moreover, the student ID features a print-out confirming that you can travel free of charge in the VRR zone. However, it is only valid together with the NRW-Ticket.

How do I apply for a key for a bike shed?

The application for bike sheds as well as price lists are available here. You can hand in the completed application at Infopoint UV. Once the transponder is completed, you will receive an email and will be able to pick it up at Infopoint UV.