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Pegasus' Perfect Pasta

Produces perfect al-dente pasta, every time. For more tender pasta, leave it in the water longer. You may need to adjust times for your altitude or your preferences. This is balanced for sea-level. (Note, this works for any pasta. Macaroni, flat noodles, etc. Cooking time remains the same for any batch. Just change the size of the pot and scale the ingredients accordingly).

a medium saucepan (2 quart) [2 litre] with lid a colander or strainer

0.75 inch [20 mm] diameter bundle of thin spaghetti noodles. (about the diameter of a US quarter dollar coin) 1.5 Quarts [1.5 litres] water 1 Tablespoon oil

In a medium, covered saucepan bring the water to a rapid boil. Add the oil or margarine. Stir in the pasta until it is soft, and the water returns to a boil. Cover and take the pot completely off the heat. Do not remove lif for 20 minutes. The lid traps the steam, and ensures the perfect results.

Make the sauce while the pasta cooks...
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