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The Menu

Cauliflowerettes; carrot sticks; cherry tomatos;
Broccoli flowerettes; cucumber sticks; celery sticks;
Red and green pepper chunks; radishes.
Sour-Cream Dip *
Cheddar Vegetable Dip *
Yogurt Green Sauce *
Parsley Soup *
A Nice Selection of Rolls and Bread
Rye and Walnut Bread *
Special Winter Salad *
Stuffed Sole *
Bountiful Pasta *
Pork Chops with Honey
and Herbs *
Buttered Baby Carrots
Frenched Green Beans
Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake * Lemon Snow Pudding
Custard Sauce *
Ginger Snaps

[ * = Recipe Appended ]
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