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Easy Meringues

``Diets... ho hum... Anyway, here's another idiot proof recipe (i.e. Bard-proof)...''

9-12 oz [250-340 grams] icing/confectioner's sugar (the original recipe says 10 oz [280 grams] but it's not critical) white of one egg

Beat ingredients together till they have the consistency of marzipan or putty.

Take a sheet of greaseproof paper that will fit in your microwave, place several smallish (1-2'' diameter) balls of the mixture on the sheet. Microwave on full power for around a minute. Repeat with rest of mix.

Presto - instant, crunchy, somewhat fragile, light, meringue ``pats'' --- flattened domes about 3-4'' across. Crush and serve with fruit & frozen yoghurt & whipped cream, top with one intact piece.

Warning - this makes a lot! No. I mean a lot!

It's also a great way of spotting just how unevenly your microwave cooks.

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