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Chocolate Genocide

WARNING - you can put on weight reading this!

8 oz [230 grams] butter 8 oz [230 grams] dark chocolate 2 eggs 1 oz [30 grams] sugar 8 oz [230 grams] digestive biscuits, crushed (or other plain wheaten cookies, if you're from the US - I suspect Graham crackers would do)

Attempt to finish all three stages roughly simultaneously:

1. melt the butter 2. beat the eggs and add the sugar 3. melt the chocolate

A microwave helps...

Now, add eggs/sugar to butter and stir. Add chocolate and stir - it looks revolting at this stage. Add biscuits/cookies, stir frantically - the aim is to get it all thoroughly mixed before the chocolate sets.

Turn out into suitable container, deposit in refrigerator, allow to set properly. Serve with double cream.

For total decadance, make a second batch with white chocolate and either (a) pour on top of the set first batch to give layers or (b) pour on half-set first batch and stir to give marbled effect.

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