The Consortium

B U G S - Benefits of Urban Green Space

European Union-funded research project in the Fifth Framework Programme.

Thematic Programme: Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Key Action: City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage.
Project no.:EVK4-CT-2000-00041
Duration: 36 months (start scheduled early 2001)
Eligible cost: 2,336,037
EC contribution:1,294,309


The inter-related issues of urban sprawl, traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution are major socio-economic problems faced by most European cities. The main objective of BUGS is to develop an integrated methodology to assess the role of green space in alleviating the adverse effects of urbanisation. Addressing the impact of green areas on such diverse areas as traffic flows and emissions, air quality, microclimate, noise, accessibility, economic efficiency, and social well-being, this methodology will allow to deduce a set of guidelines regarding the use of green space as a design tool for urban planning, at scales ranging from a street canyon or a park to an entire urban region. Potential end-users are actively involved to help focus and steer the work. Supported by a marketing strategy, the ultimate goal is to turn the methodology into a self-sustaining activity, to be offered as a service to urban and regional authorities in Europe.

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