RUB » Evolution und Biodiversität der Pflanzen » Dr. Christian Schulz

Research focus:

Anatomy, morphology, biogeography, phylogeny, and evolution of land plants with focus on gymnosperms and lycophytes (Read more)


Curriculum vitae:


New article:

  • PPG I 2016: A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 54: 563–603.
  • Klaus, K. V., Schulz, C., Bauer, D. S. and Stützel, Th. 2016: Historical biogeography of the ancient lycophyte genus Selaginella: early adaptation to xeric habitats on Pangea. Cladistics.
  • Bauer, D.; Prado, J.; Trovó, Coan, A.I., Stützel, Th. & Schulz, Ch. 2016: Megaspore investigations of Selaginella species from São Paulo, Brazil. – American Fern Journal 106(2): 1-32.