High Standards in Research – The Application Standards

The RUB application procedures comply with international standards. Looking to recruit outstanding researchers, we advertise all professorship vacancies globally. In instances where professorships of a particular importance are being awarded, an international commission is set up and entrusted with selecting the best candidate for the role. With a combination of all these factors, we strengthen academic collaboration across national borders. At the same time, our students, our research endeavours, as well as the education at RUB benefit from professors who enjoy global renown.

Our Key Objectives

The RUB’s appointment standards outline our selection criteria as well as clearly defined expectations on future professors. We regard each person holistically and understand individual criteria as elements of his or her personal and professional biography. In the course of appointment procedures, we look not only at the past, but also into the future: that means we take our applicants’ individual development potential into consideration, as it constitutes a dynamic component of their abilities and qualifications.

Our Selection Criteria

  • Excellent research record
  • Excellent post-secondary teaching competence
  • Ability to get outside funding
  • Leadership skills
  • Interdisciplinary potential / ability to connect with the other research areas at RUB
  • International recognition
  • Communication skills
  • Cooperation skills
  • Promotion of young researchers
  • Strategic skills
  • Administrative skills