Clearly Defined Rules for Academia – Appointment Policies

Education and research are both our starting point and our mission at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. This is why we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our core competencies. Our appointment procedures follow clearly defined values, fair and transparent policies.

Appointments: Proactive and Well-Directed

Our professors are the face of the university and shape the profile of our education and research. Consequently, appointments play the most significant role for the RUB’s future development. In order to recruit the best candidates, we consider it a matter of course to treat our applicants with the utmost in transparency, fairness and respect.

The main pillars of our appointment policies are as follows:

  • Strategic: we think holistically. Our priorities are founded upon the requirements of university strategy and academia, as well as on the financial realities in the short and the long term.
  • Fair: we create incentives for the faculties to promote the careers of women in research. Our equal-opportunities appointment policies result in a continuous increase of the number of female RUB employees in leading positions.
  • Crossing boundaries: our appointment policies promote interdisciplinary exchange and increase the proportion of international professors at RUB.
  • Connected: drafting the text of the advertisement, compiling the appointment list, and awarding appointments: all individual steps and decisions in the approval and appointment process are systematically linked.
  • Sustainable: we create the future. Therefore, RUB pursues a proactively far-sighted appointment policy. In the bundled approval process, all vacancies foreseeable for the upcoming years are taken under consideration.

Strong Collaboration – The University Development Plan

A university development plan means teamwork: all faculties at Ruhr-Universität contribute to the university development plan. In their submissions, they formulate qualitative and quantitative development goals. These objectives form the basis for regular planning meetings between the faculties and the Rectorate. By defining the focus and prioritisation of upcoming professorship vacancies, this productive exchange determines the entire capital budgeting associated therewith. These agreements constitute the foundation of the appointment policies that are jointly borne by the faculties and the Rectorate, in accordance with the guiding principle of “Get the best, keep the best”. With joint forces, the Rectorate and faculties thus ensure highest quality standards.