POI 11: Canteen / convention center / Terrace


About 12 000 meals are cooked in the RUB canteen every day – not only for the RUB students but also for pupils from 13 schools close by. If you are not in the mood for warm food, you can also have a salad or a snack in the bistro or the coffee bar.

Below the canteen is the convention center with modern conference halls of different sizes. Even further below you will find the Caspo: the gym for RUB university sports.

But let's get back to the top: The most famous place among many members of RUB is in the south of the canteen: The spacious terrace allows you to grasp a spectacular view over the Ruhr valley. Under good weather conditions, you can see the Knappschafts-Hospital in Langendreer in the very east corner. It is part of the university clinic. If you turn your head to the south, you will see the international meeting center Beckmannshof. Further to the west lies the day-care center UniKids.


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