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Family Haun

Family history at the RUB

Three alumni network members with the same last name and they are all physicists. A member of the Alumni Bureau came across that peculiar fact and discovered the Haun family. Mr. Sigwart und Mrs. Helene Haun and their son Jens seem to have Physics run in their blood: They all found a second home at the RUB Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. They have witnessed the development of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum from its beginnings as a building shell to today.

Now that they are all alumni, they decided to join the RUB Alumni and registered at the Alumni database to not lose sight of the university. In an interview the family, who originally comes from Hessen, talks about their beginnings at the RUB and about their familiarization with the Ruhr Area and its language. "Kannze ma seh’n" (roughly translated “Who would have thought so” in Ruhr Area slang) is an often cited expression in the family circle.

"On level 02 we took the training wheels off for the first time.” That’s how little Jens Haun learned cycling in the corridors of the NA building which where still empty at the time.

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