Calistus A. Agbaam

Regional Project Officer at Wildlife Clubs of Africa Project

Callistus Agbaam studied the masters course Development Management at RUB’s Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (Institut für Entwicklungsforschung und Entwicklungspolitik, IEE) in 2010/2011. After his graduation he had been reintegrated into the field of international development cooperation. He now works with about seven African countries (Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe) on an environmental education project known as the Wildlife Clubs of Africa Project, a subproject of BirdLife International.

I miss Hähnchen mit Pommes and Goulash!

Callistus Agbaam expresses his memories of Ruhr-Universität Bochum:

When I remember my student days at RUB, I am missing the most …

… the very lovely people I used to meet at the institute, library and Uni Center. I miss the very nice academic atmosphere and the cultural exchange and entertainment programmes that are organized during most weekends on campus. I also miss a lot the very nice food from the Student Cafeteria, especially “Hähnchen mit Pommes and Goulash”.

I still keep an item from my student days and that happens to be …

… the Ruhr-Uni jersey, t-shirt and a mug that I bought from the uni stores.

My studies at RUB mean to me …

My studies at RUB have actually been one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. It has given me the opportunity to attain world class education in a multi cultural and international friendly environment. 
By studying the Master of Arts Degree in Development Management at RUB, I have been able to advance my career in the field of international Development Cooperation. I have been equipped with the skills and necessary expertise needed to manage and implement key development projects for the benefit of society.
I will forever remain indebted to the Ruhr-Universität for all the gains that I make in my life and I will forever recommend RUB to all foreign students who want a place to experience quality and world class education. I am very happy that I am an alumnus of the Ruhr-Universität and will be associated with RUB all my life.