Dear former RUB member,
you may have noticed that this website is not available to you in its entirety. The RUB is currently working on setting up a new Alumni portal for you. For this reason our online offers are either not usable at all or not to their full extent. We will inform you about the innovations in good time.

But you can still register in the RUB Alumni Directory: type in your address and other contact details so that the RUB can invite you to future Alumni events.
As a registered member in the RUB Alumni Directory you can

  • use your RUB email address even after having left the Ruhr-Universität
  • subscribe to the RUB Alumni Newsletter

Sign up now and become a member

If you

  • have already signed up and would like to update your details in the Alumni Directory
  • are looking for contact to other former members or current lecturers at the RUB
  • would like to receive information on the activities of Alumni from individual faculties
  • have questions about the Alumni Directory

please contact the RUB Alumni management.

Your RUB Alumni-Team