Workgroup Prof. Dr. Nürnberger

Open Positions

Our research group has moved to the RUB in 2014. We are looking for support for our research from students and scientists who are in search of a project for an internship, a bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis, or who think about a postdoctoral stay.

You could participate in our research projects and explore how and how fast chemical reactions proceed. As a consequence of the move to Bochum, we will also deal with setting up new things – which offers some opportunities: you could for instance become acquainted with how a laser works whose pulses are shorter than a vibrational period in a molecule.

If you are interested in being part of our group or just want to get some insight into what we are doing:

Don't  hesitate,  just  call  or  write  an  e-mail  to  Patrick Nürnberger  .

Maybe we can pique your curiosity for ultrafast photochemistry!